Leave Your Essence In a Journal

Thank you Fran Ellsworth for being the prompt for this post!


I love to share  the joy you’ll tap into when your heart is turned to your ancestors. It’s all about you- who you are, where you came from and where you’re going!

Always start your searching with yourself. Start a journal as you start your family tree. Why? Because family history is a unique tool that ties generations together through the Spirit of Elijah –  the past, present, and future become emotionally interlocked and interdependent.

Journals, our journal, can leave an essence of who we are in a way that photos and documents can’t. ( another great video: http://bit.ly/qEZdBE). They can teach our descendants how life is life, and problems are problems no matter the era someone lives in. We can see ourselves and sometimes, every once in a while, find in the stories that are written on the pages of a journal,  family traits and tendencies that are passed down and are in need of being seen, understood, and overcome.

Start your journal today. You and you loved ones will treasure it someday. Write down your hopes, dreams, and struggles as honestly as you feel comfortable.  There is tremendous value in a person’s journey through life’s ups and downs when it is shared in text.

I have kept a journal since college, off and on. I also have a “Remember” journal where I write down spiritual happenings. I reread them from time to time and feel so grateful to b reminded of who I was, how I’ve changed and overcome so much, and how incredibly blessed I have been. There’s no way I would have remembered even a fraction of what I wrote down. I have friends who remind me of things that have happened in my life that I can’t remember, and sound as if it is someone else they’re talking about!

Do you have a journal that you write in regularly? Have you ever read from a parent’s or grandparent’s journal? Do you think there is value in journaling?